Your Year of Miracles 2022 Launch

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Your Year of Miracles is a program that offers training, support and mentoring by Lisa Garr, Marci Shimoff, Dr. Sue Morter, and other renowned healers and teachers. They teach self-help methods that bring about dramatic, positive changes in the lives of participants.

There are many self-help programs and books out there, but Your Year of Miracles 2022 is nothing like what you’ve experienced before. It does not expound on the challenges of women in society.

Rather, it equips you with the knowledge you need to face challenges and come out victorious.

Aren’t you tired of living life the same old way? Join us in Your Year of Miracles 2022 and get set to live the best year of your life. Click here to enroll so you can learn how to invite miracles into your life.

Why Should You Join Your Year of Miracles 2022?

Having faced trying times in 2019 and trying to get back to normal in 2020, we believe that we can weather the storms of 2022. But are we really back to normal?

Some people have been able to share hugs with family and friends once again without being afraid of contracting a virus. Others have gotten back to their normal work lives after spending much time working from home.

A lot of people are still trying to adjust to how things were before. So, it is pertinent to ask, what does “normal” mean to you?

Does it mean going back to how you lived your life before the pandemic? Come to think of it, was that kind of life safe or inspiring? If you could travel back in time to the pre-pandemic era, would you truly reclaim that life?

For members of Your Year of Miracle, the pandemic brought about a greater awakening of the power that lies within them. They were able to see challenges from a different perspective as well as find lasting solutions to them.

If you feel good about returning to your normal life, then we can’t stop you. We celebrate you and wish you all the best.

But if your heart is yearning for something different, something more than the ordinary, then the time has come for you to arise and call forth miracles for yourself.

Who Should Join Your Year of Miracles?

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This program is for you if you would like to:

  • Live a life of purpose that is filled with happiness.
  • Have vibrant energy and radiant health.
  • Find relationships that are deeply fulfilling.
  • Create undisputable financial success.
  • Realize your biggest dreams.

What are you still waiting for? Click here to enroll so you can start living the life you have always desired.

Your Year of Miracles Focus Areas

Each month has a new theme. They are as follows:

  • January: Dreaming Your Miraculous Dreams
  • February: Falling in Love with Yourself
  • March: Letting Go and Creating Space
  • April: Activating Your Miraculous Success
  • May: Feeling Alive and Healthy in Your Body
  • June: Activating Your Money Miracles
  • July: Discovering Your Passions and Purpose
  • August: Living Free from Overwhelm
  • September: Creating Miraculous Relationships
  • October: Stepping into Your Power
  • November: Igniting Profound Intuition and True Spirituality
  • December: Celebrating Your Miracles and Shining Your Light on the World

Special Gifts for You

Take advantage of these gifts because they won’t be available for a long time. Here are the gifts and links to their respective pages:

  1. Get this FREE Ebook – “Discover the 4 Biggest Mistakes That Keep You From Living a Miraculous Life…”
    If you’re ready to make this your year filled with abundance, profound happiness, deep relationships, and yes, miracles, then this is an ebook you must read.
  2. Register for this FREE Masterclass – “3 Secrets to Living a Miraculous Life”
    Discover How to have the happiness, abundance, and love you deserve in 2022!
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  3. Receive your FREE Audio Meditation – “Miracles Activation for Empowerment”
    If you’re ready to flip the switch on allowing more miracles in every area of your life, then you must experience this meditation.
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  4. Register for a Free LIVE Online Global Event – “The Miracles Extravaganza: Unlimited Miracles in 2022.”
    Join Your Year of Miracles for a Live Global Event, our one-of-a-kind Miracles Extravaganza! It’s a free event to jump-start your 2022 and put you in the flow of miracles.

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