Best-Electric ToothBrushes

Best Electric Toothbrushes On The Market According to Dentist

An electric toothbrush will help you improve your poor brushing habits especially in areas you don’t give attention to and are hard to reach.

You can consider it necessary to switch to an electric toothbrush if you find an automatic two-minute timer helpful or actually enjoy the feeling of brushing with a controlled assistant. Electric toothbrushes are so great that many come with ingenious built-in resources to help you make much use of your brushing activity (such as minute timers, special brush modes, and even real-time feedback). 

Having a clean and healthy set of teeth will save you from paying thousands for dental care. Avoiding a condition is much less painful and cost-effective than treating it.

When you have made the decision to ditch your manual toothbrush, the options can be daunting. This article is written to guide you in choosing the right electric toothbrush for your gums and teeth.

  Products Features Prices
Oral-B Pro 1000 The Pro 1000 oscillating and rotating bristles are moving 48,000 brush movements versus the 600 that a manual brush will do to disrupt and remove plaque. Approx $50, checkout on Amazon.

Philips Sonicare- DiamondClean Toothbrush

Small diameter toothbrush head, with a 2-minute timer. Offers a gentle vibration that cuts through plaque and comes with a small traveling case. Approx $200, checkout on Amazon
Colgate Hum It comes with a charger & a travel case. It’s slim and light, with a small brush head, accurately tracks your brushing, & stores your brushes for 10 days. Approx $70 on Amazon
Sonic Flossing Toothbrush- Waterpik Comes with a built-in water flosser. Can be easily maneuvered around your mouth. Approx $159 on Amazon.
Philips Sonicare Kids Electric Toothbrush It comes with stickers to customize the handle & a two-minute timer. Turns brushing experience into fun with the use of an interactive app. Approx $50, check on Amazon or Walmart

Use one of these electric toothbrushes advised by the dentist. These are the safest electric toothbrushes.

Oral-B Pro 1000

Best Value For Oscillating Option


On Amazon, Oral-B is the best-selling power toothbrush. Oral-B can be gotten at a fraction of the cost of many other electric toothbrushes though it has all the same advantages of an electric toothbrush, such as a spinning head to remove plaque, a pressure sensor to help stop you from brushing too hard, and a two-minute timer.

For a while, the Oral-B Pro 1000 has been out there managing to upstage more costly versions with classier features, such as the iO smart brush of Oral-B. The vibrations are powerful, it has a diverse range of compatible brush heads, and you can subscribe every few months to get them.

It is made with soft bristles for those with fragile gums. The rubber grip serves its function and allows the toothbrush to support even the most clumsy of paws.

Price: Costs approximately $50, check out on Amazon for current prices and discounts with this link

Philips Sonicare-DiamondClean Toothbrush

Best Electric Powered Toothbrush


The DiamondClean Toothbrush by Philip Sonicare has multiple modes, such as Clean mode and Deep Clean+ mode, plus brush heads addressing particular problems such as plaque control or gum treatment. It also works with the Sonicare software to alert you to any missing spots during brushing with an alarm.

It has a timer of 2 minutes, and a tiny diameter toothbrush handle. It produces a gentle vibration that’s aimed at hitting directly at plagues and comes with a handy travel case.

Price: Around $200, check out on Amazon for discounts and actual prices.

Colgate Hum

Best for Smart Option


The Colgate Hum comes with a tiny brush head that can reach all the way to the back of your mouth without any weird feeling. It’s a slim and compact smart electric toothbrush that encourages you into a lifestyle of brushing better for cleaner and whiter teeth with an app that leads, times, and notifies you.

The Hum toothbrush has built-in intelligent sensors that store and relay data about how the brush is used.
This toothbrush will tell you which positions in your mouth you have cleaned and which spots you need to spend some time on.

It comes with a charger and a travel case.

Price: Approx around $70 on Amazon, also check Colgate for fair prices.

Sonic Fusion-Flossing Toothbrush- Waterpik

Best For Plaque With Water Flosser


This promises to be up to twice as successful as conventional brushing and flossing for removing plaque and enhancing your gum health. The Waterpik’s Sonic toothbrush comes with a water flosser installed into it. Water flossers remove the bother of string floss, so you can use it more often. 

After 4 weeks of use, Waterpik with air floss was found to be significantly more effective at reducing plaque and gingivitis for all areas measured. The Waterpik Water Flosser was 80 percent more effective in overall gingivitis reduction and 70 percent more effective for plaque reduction than Sonicare.

Price: Selling at around $159 on Amazon, also check on Walmart for a comparable price.

Philips Sonicare- Kids Electric Toothbrush

Best Customized Toothbrush for Kids


Philips Sonicare For Kids is healthy and soft on teeth and gingival tissue, thus eliminating more plaque than a children’s traditional toothbrush in hard-to-brush areas.

Like other toothbrushes, it also works with an interactive app that makes brushing fun. The companion app is packed with lessons and prizes illustrated with cartoons, and your children can track success even though they don’t see the app in real-time. There are stickers that accompany it so you can personalize the handle.

The kid-timer steadily rises to 2 minutes to help teach children to brush for 2 minutes, which is suggested by dental professionals. 98% of parents whose children have used the interactive sonic power toothbrush agree that it makes it easy to get children to brush faster and healthier.

Price: Estimated at $50, check on Amazon or Walmart

Other Electric Toothbrushes Worthy of Mention

We could only suggest few electrical toothbrushes in a simple review. There are far more electrical toothbrushes out there, so if neither of the ones listed above interests you, one on the list below might just do the job.

  1. Shyn Sonic Toothbrush – Its handle and brush heads are cross-compatible with Philips Sonicare products. It comes with a travel case and charger. {$50 estimate Price}
  2. Foreo ISSA 2 Toothbrush – The newly-released ISSA 2 uses a pulsing silicone brush that the company claims is 35 times more hygienic than standard bristles. {$170 on amazon}
  3. Quip Electric Toothbrush – The quip electric toothbrush is absolutely made for your comfort and pleasure with its slim and chic design. Comes with a powerful vibration. The brush head and battery can be replaced for $5. {Sold for $50 at Quip, you can also check out on amazon}
  4. Philips Sonicare Flexcare – Flexcare toothbrush creates an interactive atmosphere for your brushing session with the Sonicare app for personalized brushing feedback. It has a built-in quadrant timer for managing your brushing time. {estimate price of $110 on amazon}
  5. Sonic Smart Toothbrush Go Smile – Comes with a built-in blue LED light with the Pro Whitening Gel for whitening your teeth as you keep brushing. {Sold for $90}

Final Thoughts

If the whole process of standing in front of your mirror and brushing for a period of time, which could be quite uncomfortable, makes you feel tired, or you just feel like trying something else, then an electric powered toothbrush would be worth-while beneficial to you

Upon several testing and reviews, electric toothbrushes were recommended by dentists themselves. It makes the whole brushing process easier. It is absolutely the ultimate assistant for your brushing session.

However, no matter which best-powered toothbrush you purchase, you bear the most vital responsibility to follow the proper brushing routine and maintain healthy teeth. And like we’ve stated earlier; the best electric toothbrush seemingly depends on individual interest and choice.

Over to you!

We’d like you to leave a comment below on your experience with any of the electric brushes listed in this article. Thanks.