Christ Revealed Review

An overview of Christ Revealed Docuseries from the producers of the Hit Movie “SOUL SURFER”

Experience Christ in a new dimension this Christmas. Join millions of people all over the world on this awesome docuseries – Christ Revealed.

This Christmas, give yourself the gift that fills you up all year: Watch Christ Revealed and discover answers to the questions that really matter.

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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Miss This Series…

Jesus Christ died and was resurrected over 2000 years ago, yet he remains relevant in today’s world. Many people have burning questions about his existence and why he is revered among a sect called the Christians.

But who is this Jesus?

Despite being popular, many people still do not know who Jesus is. Some think he is just a fictional character, while others say he is a prophet. However, Christians say he is the Son of God and the Savior of the world.

Christ Revealed aims at clearing the doubts in the hearts of people concerning the person of Jesus irrespective of their religion. The world has never seen it in this dimension. Watching these docuseries will expose you to spiritual and scientific truths about the existence of Jesus, his teachings, and the work he did while on earth.

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The series interviews renowned experts in history, theology, philosophy, and science who will share evidence of Jesus’ existence. They discuss the events surrounding the life of Jesus, and you will see how everything adds up as infallible proof.

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Christ Revealed takes you on a journey of a lifetime. You will learn about Jesus’s birth and the world wherein he was birthed. You will dig deeper into the real meaning behind his existence, his death, as well as his resurrection.

The organizers of the docuseries are all out to ensure that Jesus’ true story spreads around the globe. Imagine that the world tunes in to share in this life-changing series. It will bring everyone closer – communities, families, and individuals. We will all gain new insight that will knit us together.

Do you know what that means? It will end the internal wars happening among brothers, sisters, cousins, even neighbors. It will bring peace to our individual lives and families.

Additionally, our faith will be strengthened because faith can be made stronger when we fellowship together. We will also develop new heights of love for humanity. Even the curious will learn unknown facts that will not just be fascinating but inspiring.

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Who Should Watch Christ Revealed?

Christ Revealed is for everyone, whether adults or children. We all have questions about Christ’s existence. So, this series is for you if you:

  • Are curious
  • Desire healing
  • Want inner peace
  • Want a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ

These 25 experts will dive into the history, the inspiration, and even the evidence of the Savior.

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The 9 days docuseries feature the world’s best theologians and historians. Their track records and backgrounds give credibility to Jesus’ story.

In a bid to reach people all over the world who are in desperate need of a message of hope at such a time as this – when the faith of people is under attack – the team is offering 9 days of free viewing starting from December 21st.

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